Blake Chamberlain is an interdisciplinary artist living in the Fingerlakes area of New York state. His striking line and color work is evocative of bright psychedelic themes and 1960’s absurdist pop-art. Chamberlain’s distinctive style often showcases the transgender community, plays with pop-culture phenomenons, and honors important social justice movements of the 19th century and beyond. From Augmented Portraits (2015, mind-bending portraits), to the Courageous Individual series (2014, 20th century historical figures) to Social Visionaries Re-Imagined (2013, New York based historical figures of social change), he has spent his entire artistic career experimenting and re-visualizing what it means to challenge the status quo.

While recently living in the Seattle, Washington area, Chamberlain’s work was featured on the cover of the popular periodical The Stranger, and he received a grant from Artist Trust for Trans American History - a portrait series which honors American transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary activists. In May of 2017, Chamberlain had the privilege of creating a mural for the Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY.

Blake Chamberlain's art is vibrant and eclectic, and encourages strong reactions that are both intellectual and visceral. He continues to create an ever-changing and growing body of work that is included in private collections around the world.


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