Son of Medeuxsa


“Son of Medeuxsa” / 12" x 16" / acrylic on canvas / 2016

“Son of Medeuxsa” is a version of an earlier piece I painted "Medeuxsa" and a gender-swapped take on the theme and story of the powerful female monster, the Medusa. This nearly monochrome portrait is completed in shades of black, white, gray and silver and includes doubled facial features. His existence indicates an alternate outcome where Medusa was not seen as a monster, her powers were endurable and acceptable to a lover, and she lived to reproduce.  This son inherited several of Medusa's attributes including the headful of venomous snakes arranged into a modern “hairstyle”. His expression is thoughtful and calm though he is aware he has the ability to turn others to stone. He is disembodied by a bright pink line of upward paint drips-- a symbolic nod to the myth of Medusa and the fate she suffered.

Traditionally, the Medusa is used to symbolize specifically "female" rage and malevolence. The purpose of this male version is intended to highlight the fact that those qualities operate independently of any gender.