Courageous Individual

Courageous Individual celebrates the unique lives of a selection of figures from the 20th century. Each subject's life's work, activism, or mere existence changed circumstances for countless people in their own time, and still impacts attitudes in the 21st century. The individuals displayed range from the instantly recognizable to the somewhat obscure, but they all had a significant impact on the lives of others. The subjects are connected by having had the strength to stand up for what they believed was right, while facing a climate that was often openly hostile.

The portraits are painted in a distinct, vibrant style. Faces are layered with abstract shapes and lines, and consolidated by dark lines or stark highlights which locate distinguishing facial features. This style encourages the viewer to consider the subjects for an extended time period, and delve beyond simple facial recognition. The eye goes deeper into the separate components of faces comprised by layers of abstraction, before moving out to again refocus on the whole portrait. This process institutes an appropriate pause for contemplation. In this moment of pause, viewers might consider the challenges that existed in the lives of each person as a result of expressing themselves, and also the courage they instilled in others.